Welcome to my homepage. I’m a UX designer who specializes in data visualization, UI design, systems-level design, and Figma components.

Data is one of the world’s most mystifying commodities. We often have too much of it. We rarely know how to interpret it. Yet the insights we can glean from data have the power to transform people and products. I don’t just love working with data; I love helping others understand it too. That’s why I often find myself in roles where I can advocate for better data visualization practices across platforms.

I currently work for Cisco as a UX Designer on the Webex Analytics Platform. It’s difficult to maintain a current portfolio while I’m actively working on projects that I can’t share publicly. I’ve reduced the samples of work that I show here on my portfolio, but I have much more work I can show upon request. In the meantime, check out what I’m writing on Medium.